Where To Buy Kava That Gets You Totally Krunk (3 Vendors)

The key to an awesome Kava experience is finding a Kava vendor who’s worth your time. In the jungle of the Kava market, it can be hard to find vendors to trust and information on what you really need to know before you buy Kava.

So in this post, you’ll learn where to buy Kava, from 3 best-selling vendors that will get you krunk all day or night. Also, learn 3 things that are essential to know when you buy Kava, for you to have an unforgettable Kava experience.

1. Where to buy Kava of the Highest Quality

As a Kava enthusiast who’ve suffered from anxiety, I can guarantee that the quality of the Kava you’re buying is significant. High-quality Kava will work wonders for anxiety and stress.

Also, Kava of high-quality has the most potent effect. So where can you buy Kava with the highest quality?

Here are 3 Kava vendors that you can’t go wrong with.

Kraken Kratom (Free Shipping)

Kraken Kratom is known for their top-notch Kratom, but they’ve extended their expertise and have got the Kava game down to a science.

If you’re looking for dreamy Kava that’ll make you feel like you’re relaxing on a beach in the middle of the Pacific, this is it.

The effect of their delicious Kava is potent and strong, an impressive product to say the least. You can kiss anxiety and stress goodbye when your lips touch the Kava.

Their Kava shelf features some of the most potent Kava strains, including: Tanna Kava, Vanuatu Kava, Fiji Kava, Taveuni Kava, Savu Savu Kava, and Black Lawena Kava from Kadavu Island.

They have customer service that is on top of their game, ready to help you if you ever have an issue.

All of their products thouroughly tested to ensure that you recieve nothing but premium Noble Kava.

Buy Your Kava from Kraken Kratom


This Kava feels and tastes just like fresh Pacific Kava, because it is.

Kavafied is a Kava vendor with exceptional quality control. With their premium Noble Kava and clever Kava-making-bottle (this thing makes preparing Kava so easy), they’re aiming for the top of the Kava industry.

They also have award-winning, astonishing and tasty Kava, from Tonga. This vendor is a must-try.

Bula Kava House

A top seller of Kava. With a memorable effect that’ll leave you in paradise, wondering where all your troubles went.

Bula Kava House has some of the best Kava you can get your hands on. Super high-quality, tasty, potent and unforgettable Kava.

2. What’s the best Kava effect for you?

Kava comes in many varieties. When choosing the Kava you want to buy, it’s good to know what kind of effect it gives you. The many effects Kava can be placed into 3 different categories, they are the following:

  • Heavy Kava

The effect of heavy Kava affects your body. It makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, numbs pain and is relieving for your body.

Best time to use: In the evening. Heavy Kava is the perfect solution if you have a hard time getting good sleep and relaxing, select this type of Kava if you want to enjoy it later in the day.

  • Heady Kava

As the name suggests, this Kava stimulates your mind. It’s uplifting, energizing and makes you happy. It’s perfect for social gatherings and is also good for increasing creativity.

Best time to use: This type of Kava is best enjoyed earlier in the day, from mornings to afternoons.

  • Balanced Kava

This type of Kava is balanced between the heady and heavy effect. It contains a bit of both.

Best time to use: You can enjoy this type of Kava at any time of the day and during any circumstance that you want to.

Keep these 3 types of Kava in mind when you’re buying Kava and pick the one that suits you best.

They are not different in quality and none of them is objectively “better” than the other, they are just different in effect. It’s all up to what you prefer and what you want when you buy Kava.

3. How to see the effect of the Kava before you buy

The effect of your Kava is often listed on the product. There might be a label suggesting the optimal time to use, if not you can look at the Chemotype.

Most of the time when you buy Kava, if it’s from good sources, the Chemotype should be listed on the package.

The effect of Kava comes from Kavalactones, which are 6 different active ingredients with different effects.

Every cultivar (strain) of Kava has its own unique composition of Kavalactones, which is why different varieties of Kava have different effects. This unique composition of Kavalactones is called a Chemotype.

The Chemotype is a series of 6 numbers. Each of these numbers represents a certain Kavalactone, they are the following.

#1: Demethoxyyangonin

#2: Dihydrokavain

#3: Yangonin

#4: Kavain

#5: Dihydromethysticin

#6: Methysticin

The order of the numbers in the Chemotype tell you which Kavalactone is of the highest percentage to the lowest, in the plant. For example, if the Chemotype starts with a 4, it means that this Kava variety contains more Kavain than the other Kavalactones.

The second number is the Kavalactone with the second highest percentage in that Kava variety, and so on. Kavain is an uplifting and stimulating Kavalactone, so if the Chemotype starts with a 4, that Kava variety is more stimulating and should be enjoyed earlier in the day.

DHK and DHM are more heavy Kavalactones that affect the body, so if the Chemotype starts with 2 or 5, it’s a heavy Kava variety. The effect of a Chemotype that starts with a 24, is a more balanced Kava.

So if you want to know what effect the Kava you’re buying has don’t forget to look at the Chemotype, if the effect is not listed in the product description.

When drinking Kava, what do the effects feel like?

Where to buy Kava

The effects of Kava will make you feel happy, social, peaceful, relaxed, tranquil, creative and mellow while still having a clear mind.

A feeling of love, happiness, and complete well-being is the feeling of all Kava.

This is nature’s cure to anxiety and stress.

Does Kava cause liver damage?

This topic is controversial in the research of Kava. There have been around 100 reported cases of liver damage linked to heavy Kava usage. This might sound like a lot, but millions of people drink Kava every day.

Many researchers believe that there was something other than Kava, or Kava in combination with something else that caused the damage, not the Kava itself. The connection between Kava and liver damage is not conclusive yet.

Studies such as this one dispute the conclusion that Kava has anything to do with liver damage and urges for more research, which is needed.

There’s no real conclusion on this topic yet but the fact that there have been cases of liver damage linked to Kava can’t be denied. So to be on the safe side, make sure you don’t overconsume your Kava and you’ll be safe.

Kava protects your liver from Non-fatty alcoholic liver disease

What we do know is that Kava protects your liver from Non-alcoholic
fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is one of the most common liver diseases in the world.


There are 3 types of Kava; Heavy, heady and balanced Kava. The Heavy Kava has an effect on your body which makes you relax completely. It’s best enjoyed in the evening.

The Heady Kava is stimulating and uplifting. It’s best enjoyed during the day and afternoon. Balanced Kava is a mix between the two and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

You can distinguish the effects of different Kava varieties with the Chemotype, often written on the product.

The Chemotype is a series of 6 numbers that indicate which Kavalactone is of the highest amount in the plant, the first number being the highest, the second number the second highest and so on.

Due to lacking research, we don’t know if Kava can cause liver damage yet. The few cases ever recorded of Kava being linked to liver damage was in relation to heavy Kava usage. To stay on the safe side, drink your Kava in moderation. We do know that Kava protects your liver from Non-fatty alcoholic liver disease.

So where to buy Kava that’s best for you? The 3 vendors listed in the article have high-quality Kava that’ll give you an unforgettable experience. You can’t go wrong with a purchase from either of them.

Comment down below with your experience of Kava and your thoughts on the effects. What do you like?

Want to buy prepared Kava in the most fun environment? Here’s why you should visit a Kava Bar.

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