Natural Nootropics With Incredible Cognitive Effects

There are all kinds of nootropics today. Many are man-made compounds and they do work great. But what if you want something completely natural? There are several options for natural nootropics as well. You cannot go wrong with natural nootropics.

They often have fewer side effects and are essential for your health. Getting back to nature and what’s natural, for the enhancement of cognition and for improving your health is a great idea. Let’s take a look at a few natural nootropics that are great brain and health boosters.

Natural VS Man-made

There’s no doubt both of these categories are great. Many natural nootropics are essential for your health. You probably eat a few of these in some of your food and fruits every day.

Getting the proper amount daily is the key to a healthy body and brain. Fish, vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits contain many of the vitamins and acids that are essential for your health and cognition.

Many others are herbs, and cannot be found in your daily food and some have to be extracted. So in the form of supplements, you can make sure that you get enough of everything your body and brain needs daily.

Top this off with fish, fruits, and vegetables and you’ll be noticing a great increase in your health and brain capacity.

Are man-made nootropics dangerous?

Man-made nootropics are very effective. They can enhance your cognition and brain capacity to the next level during their effect. The downside to them can be more side effects or allergies.

Of course, some natural nootropics have side effects as well but the number of side effects from man-made nootropics can be higher depending on which one you take.

However, this does not mean they are not essential or that they’re dangerous to you in any way. There are also many man-made nootropics that are stacks of many natural nootropics, they’re man-made natural nootropics.

The point is, that most nootropics are great and often man-made and natural can be very similar. They’re not dangerous to you, just make sure you know the effects of the nootropics you take.

Who’s the winner?

If you want to be at your best, as close to the maximum potential that you can be. You should take both man-made and natural nootropics in some form every day.

There are many stacks of nootropics you can buy that contain a mix of great natural and man-made nootropics.

In conclusion; Natural and man-made nootropics are amazing in their own way and both of them are clear winners.

Now, for natural nootropics. I’ve compiled a list of 3 natural nootropics that are superb. Let’s get into it.

Lion’s Mane

I’ve listed this as my number 1 nootropic of 2018 and for good reason. Lion’s Mane is an incredible mushroom, coming from the Asia region where it’s used in food, tea, and as a natural medicine with great effect.

This potent mushroom has great benefits for your brain. The mushroom is white and looks like the mane of a lion, which gives it the name Lion’s Mane. If you could eat Lion’s Mane every day, you should.


  • Reduced Anxiety & Depression

A study made on mice showed that the mushroom has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s being studied that inflammation has a correlation to depression. Suggesting that anti-inflammatories can reduce symptoms of depression.

Amycenone is a compound found in Lion’s Mane and is what gives the mushroom the anti-inflammatory effect. The researchers found that an injection of Amycenone in the mice, blocked increasing levels of TNF-α which is a cytokine that activates inflammation in the body.

The anti-inflammatory effect also had positive results in the depression tests of the mice. The results showed that inflammation, in fact, has an effect of depression that anti-inflammatories can counteract [R].

  • Increased growth of brain cells

The mushrooms contain two compounds called hericenones and erinacines that can help the growth of brain cells. The compounds have a positive effect of NGF (Nerve growth factor) which is essential in the growth of brain cells.

The compounds stimulate neurite outgrowth and the NGF of cells with an increase of as much as 60%, this is a great promotion of the growth of brain cells [R].

  • Reduces the risk of heart attack

Hericenones B is a compound found in the mushroom. This compound inhibits an anti-platelet aggregation. Platelet aggregation causes thrombocytes to bind to each and form clumps which eventually can lead to a blood clot forming. Blood clots can lead to heart attack and stroke.

The anti-platelet aggregation effect stops thrombocytes from binding and forming blood clots. This is what gives Hericenones B the effect that reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke [R].

  • Improves the immune system

Another study made on mice proved that Lion’s Mane has an effect that improves the immune system. The Hericium Erinaceus polysaccharide (HEP) found in the mushroom improves the immunity of cells by making their signaling pathways open in the intestine.

It also increases NK cell activity. NK cells (Natural killer cells) are good cells that are part of and improve the immune system. The researchers concluded that HEP improves the immune system because of this effective regulation of intestinal mucosal immune activity [R].

Side effects

  • None

No side effects, safe to use for anyone with consideration to allergy.


A potent brain enhancing mushroom with a significant effect on mental and physical health. No side effects. A natural mushroom that the body and brain love.

The benefits to health are very relevant today, considering that high cholesterol, heart attacks, stroke, anxiety, and depression are all conditions that are very prevalent.

This is the best natural nootropic that I can recommend. Highly recommended for anyone and everyone.

Bacopa Monnieri

Also known as Brahmi. Often used in traditional Indian medicine, Bacopa Monnieri is a herb with fantastic benefits to cognition and health.

It’s often found in wetlands areas of India, countries of South East Asia, Hawaii, Florida, and other southern areas of the United States. The plant has thick leaves and white flowers. It’s known for it’s a great effect to memory but has other nootropic benefits to it.


  • Improves memory & learning ability

A study was made on 76 adults who received Bacopa. The results showed that Bacopa has a great effect on memory and learning ability. The subjects learned new information more effectively and their memory of old information had been improved [R].

  • Better cognitive function

Another study that was made on college students showed that after taking 300mg of Bacopa daily, the students had better results on tests on their cognitive abilities [R].

  • Reduces stress & improves mood

17 participants of a study were given Bacopa and performed multiple tasks simultaneously. The researchers documented that Bacopa Monnieri had a positive effect on stress reduction and improved mood on the participants [R].

  • Reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Two different studies made on elderly who were suffering from Alzheimer’s found that Bacopa Monnieri has a great effect on reducing the symptoms of the disease.

The elderly were given doses of Bacopa daily for 6-12 months. This improved their condition and they were able to clear tests related to memory and cognition much easier [R][R].

Side effects

  • Might give an upset stomach


Bacopa Monnieri has great nootropic effects. Something to note is that it can take some time for Bacopa to start showing its positive effects. Don’t rush with Bacopa.

Take it for a longer period of time and you’ll notice great positive effects. A traditional herb used for medicine that works wonders for memory, mood, learning ability and reduction of stress.


A natural choline donor with great proven benefits for cognition, memory, and health. It’s an intermediate in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine which is an important component of the grey substance in the brain. Has some side effects to it when taken in greater doses or taken often, that you’ll want to note.


  • Improved cognition & memory

A study was made where elderly people with signs of declining memory received citicoline daily for four weeks.

The results were an increase in the memory of the people in the study and a significant increase in word recollection.  The memory improvement effect of citicoline seems to start at a dosage of 300-1000mg of daily intake [R].

What if you’re not an elderly? Citicoline will still benefit your memory by improving the overall health and capacity of your brain.

Another study was made with 1391 participants who after taking Citicoline showed improved visual and verbal memory [R]. Citicoline already exists in your brain and is needed for it to function properly [R].

  • Makes you happy

Increases dopamine levels in the brain [R]. Dopamine makes you feel happy and well.

  • Better focus

In another study, participants that were given 250-500mg CDP-Choline for 28 days had better attentional performance [R].

Side effects

  • High levels of Choline in the body can lead to a higher risk of prostate cancer [R].

Make sure you get enough daily but stick to the correct dosage.

  • Can upset your stomach.

Vomiting and diarrhea, all though not common, may come as side effects.


A natural brain booster. Already existing in your brain, has great effects on the function of it. Improves many aspects of cognition and health. Also improves mood and focus. Taking this every single day may not be advised and stick to a lower dosage to stay on the safe side with consideration to the side effects.

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