Ma Kava Pills | 3 Reasons To Try (Should You Even Bother?)

Kava is a unique plant from the South Pacific. The plant is a natural anxiety and stress killer that makes you feel completely at ease. Usually, you use ground Kava root powder to make Kava drink.

It’s also possible to get the effects of Kava in a natural pill form. So should you bother with Ma Kava pills? How similar is the effect of Ma Kava pills to liquid Kava? Let’s find out.

1. What does the effect of Ma Kava Pills feel like?

Kava is one of the most potent natural solutions for anxiety and stress that you can find. The effect of Ma Kava pills is perfect if you don’t have time to prepare your own liquid Kava, or if you just don’t like doing it.

Ma Kava pills make you feel a wave of relaxation wash over you. Your social ability increase, talking to friends and strangers is fun. Creativity flows through you without any resistance from stress.

As a side effect of killing your anxiety and stress, your focus is sharpened.

This potent effect comes from Kavalactones, a chemical compound that is unique to the Kava plant. This active ingredient produces effects that have given Kava the nickname “nature’s Xanax”.

2. How much worse does anxiety make your day?

More than you think. We’re all more or less affected by anxiety. It’s a horrible feeling that unfortunately has become so common.

When you’re affected by anxiety, you become more introverted and insecure. Being yourself doesn’t come naturally. If you’re affected by it at work, it’s hard to get any work done properly.

It affects your social ability, makes you engage less with your friends and the people around you. A consequence of this is a feeling of loneliness which in the long term can lead to depression.

Anxiety makes you doubt yourself, your reality and your own abilities. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, you will perform worse at everything you do when anxiety is part of your day.

It also makes you overthink and have many self-dialogues. Having inner peace is next to impossible with anxiety.

It even affects your breathing, which is crucial to make your brain and body full of oxygen and happy.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, it’s because you are experiencing anxiety and this is how much it makes your life worse. Facing your anxiety is tough, and doing it is brave

The solution: Don’t worry. If you’ve come looking for Kava, you’ve come looking for a solution. Your mind is oriented towards fixing this issue, and you will. Anxiety is like a balloon, it can become so big but it only takes a small poke to destroy it.

This is because when we have anxiety, we can get anxiety over having anxiety. An endless loop ensues until we snap out of it and find a solution, and when we do, we’re free.

A piece of general advice for anyone suffering from anxiety is to try and accept your anxiety, try to see it as a life companion. Being anxious is alright, you’re fine, but don’t let it take over your life.

Kava will help you on the way.

Kava is a natural solution, it will make you snap out of anxiety and focus on what’s best for you. If used under a long-term, you’ll forget about your anxiety entirely.

Ma Kava pills
When you’re free from anxiety, you can be yourself.

3. Ma Kava pills compared to liquid Kava

Liquid Kava is known around the South Pacific to be a potent, strong drink that’s bound to make you have a great time. So how do the pills compare? They have the same effects, but the sedating effect is not as strong.

The pills come with the same anxiety-relief that liquid Kava has, but the sedating effect is reduced (which can be quite comfortable).

It’s best described as this; the heavenly, relaxing effect will keep you company in the passenger seat, but it won’t take the wheels. It’s a non-intrusive effect that you can enjoy at any time, anywhere.

Is it worth buying?

As a Kava enthusiast who’ve suffered from anxiety, yes they are worth buying. Because they can be used at any time, anywhere.

Having a natural solution to stress and anxiety with you, in your bag or pocket feels like solid insurance to have a good day. It’s a joy to have them with you.

They’re also cheap compared to ground Kava root powder and saving money is always a plus.

Where to buy Ma Kava pills

Buy your Ma Kava Pills here.

There are more vendors who sell Kava pills, but this brand is rated highly by hundreds of Kava users so it’s my best recommendation for you.


Kava exists in pill form, but are they really worth your time? The answer is yes, definitely. Ma Kava pills are strong anxiety-killers that you can bring with you anywhere and they won’t make you “Kava drunk”.

The sedative effect often experienced with liquid Kava, does not come with the pills. You that you can enjoy them at any time.

Anxiety has devastating effects on your life in the long term, if you’re experiencing anxiety often you will benefit greatly from Ma Kava pills.

Ma Kava pills are cheap compared to liquid Kava and comes in a generous dosage, you get many Kava pills for your buck.

Try Ma Kava pills out for yourself, to see what it’s all about and experience the benefits of an anxiety-free day.

What do you think about Ma Kava pills? Leave a comment below.

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