Kava Tea Effects – 3 Powerful Health Benefits

Originating from the South Pacific Islands. Kava has been growing in popularity. People are starting to see this member of the nightshade family for what it is. Kava is a plant with powerful effects that benefit our health and mind. In this article you’ll learn how you benefit from Kava tea effects.

Kava origins

The Kava plant is grown and used in the cultures of Hawaii, Micronesia, Polynesia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa and Melanesia. Originally the plant was domesticated in New Guinea or Vanuatu.

The Lapita culture, a people who lived in in the Pacific islands during 1600- 500 BCE spread the Kava plant throughout the islands and cultivated it.

Today Kava is still used in the Pacific islands cultures as a medicine. It’s also used in social gatherings and in rituals.

Because of the increasing popularity, Kava bars have opened up in the Pacific islands where the customers can purchase Kava and drink it in a social bar environment.

Kava Origins
Kava originates from the Pacific islands.


The plant is effective, but exactly what are the effects of Kava? There are many different strains of this plant, called “cultivars” and they all offer something different, we’ll get into some of those strains in a moment. These are the general effects of any Kava strain.

Kava contains kavalactones. This active ingredient affects neurotransmitters in the brain and produces effects that are beneficial for your health and mind [R].

Reduced anxiety

Kava puts your mind at ease. It reduces anxiety to great effect. It produces a sense of well-being that’s completely anxiety-free [R].

This effect has been studied many times and a review of 11 studies concluded that Kava is effective as a medical treatment for anxiety [R]

Kava is used in social gatherings and bars. The effect is perfect in such an environment. It becomes easy to speak to strangers and your confidence is high, the mind is peaceful and tranquil with no impairment to cognition.

Protects from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

This disease is becoming the most common liver disease in the world. A study was made to see if yangonin (an active ingredient in Kava) can treat NAFLD.

The study concluded that yangonin has several effects that protect against the disease. It increases the metabolism of the liver to function properly to defend itself [R].

Promotes restful sleep

Having sleep issues is difficult. It’s easy to turn to prescribed medicine just to make it stop. The prescribed medicines often have unwanted side effects and the sleep they produce doesn’t feel restful.

Using natural medicine like Kava is a great alternative. Kava is natural and will help you sleep naturally.

A study where 24 people suffering from stress-induced insomnia was given Kava, has confirmed that Kava works for the treatment of insomnia [R].

In general, the effects of Kava will make you feel tranquil.

3 Strain recommendations

There are many Kava strains. The general effects of Kava are already covered, but what about individual strain effects? There is an entire rainbow of great effects when you combine all of them. Many strains are uplifting, some are relaxing. Some are great for a party and some are great for your evening book or meditation.

Melo Melo

A strain that’s uplifting. Makes you want to move around, dance and enjoy yourself while still having a bit of a laid back feeling that’s very comfortable. Can also be very relaxing if you’re alone. A perfect strain for social gatherings and fun evenings.


Originating from Hawaii, this strain is unique. Hawaii strains are different from the South Pacific strains. This strain is not bitter to the taste, it’s kind of sweet.

This strain has a great effect on the feeling of your body. It’s great for muscle pain, headaches, pain from injuries or sickness and stress relief.

Tongan White

Similar to Mahakea. Tongan White makes you relax completely. Mind and muscle feel at ease. Gives a tranquil feeling of general well-being. Best used for relaxation after a stressful day when you want to just enjoy being and rest completely.


Kava is a plant that grows in the Pacific islands. It has great effects for your mind and body. Offers reduced anxiety, prevention of liver disease and help you sleep.

There are several interesting studies that cover the effects of the active ingredient kavalactones and how they affect your body. With conclusions that confirm Kava to be a great plant for both your physical and mental health.

The individual strains of this plant have their own powerful effects that vary depending on which strain you use. They can be uplifting, social, relaxing, tranquil, relieve pain in the body, mentally stimulating and make you feel completely at ease and comfortable.

3 strains that I personally recommend because of their great effects. They work great for both beginners and for people who have used Kava before. I will be covering more Kava strains in the near future.

Have you tried Kava? What strain do you enjoy? Leave a comment below.

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Very good article, I like alot the mention of strains. Seems like you either use kava yourself or did your research!


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