7 Surprising Reasons For Kava Reverse Tolerance

Kava, the South Pacific drink of happiness has many astounding effects, but what if you for some reason can’t make them work for you? Don’t worry. In this post, we’ll go over how Kava reverse tolerance works and the reasons that the effects might not be reaching you, yet.

What is reverse tolerance?

Tolerance is the body’s way of increasing its resistance towards anything that alters the state of our mind or body. You might’ve noticed this with something like alcohol. After a few weekends in a row of having fun, your tolerance towards alcohol increase and you need to drink more to get drunk.

With drugs, tolerance works the same way. After longer usage of any drug, the body needs more of the drug to be able to feel the effect. Fighting tolerance is a slippery slope that might lead to an addiction if you’re not careful.

So if tolerance is the body’s resistance, what’s reverse tolerance? It’s exactly that, tolerance in reverse. Instead of feeling less of the effect over time, you start with feeling almost no effect, and over time, the effect becomes stronger.

Our sensitivity to the effect of things like drugs and alcohol vary from person to person. Some people get drunk from 2 beers, while others can drink 5 before they’re drunk. We have a natural kind of tolerance built into us, it’s a combination of things like metabolism, weight and other physical factors.

How does Kava reverse tolerance work?

Kava and tolerance don’t really follow the same rules as alcohol or drugs. In fact, there aren’t many people who say they’ve not built up resistance towards Kava, even after years of drinking it.

It’s common that your usual dosage of Kava will never need to increase to reach the desired effect.

What gives Kava its powerful effects is a chemical compound called Kavalactones. The reason that many people don’t feel any effect from Kava when they drink it for the first time, is that your body needs to build up the Kavalactones before using them.

Think of it like this, the first times you’re drinking Kava you’re essentially priming your body with Kavalactones for future effects of Kava. So if you don’t feel any effect, try again another day, the effects will definitely come to you.

When you break through the Kava reverse tolerance, the effects of Kava will become stronger and stronger. Kava works for everyone, but the process of getting in touch with the benefits is different for everyone.

Some people feel a strong effect the first time they try it, others don’t feel anything on their first time, but after a few times, they have an even stronger effect than others.

You can read more about Kavalactones and how they work here.

Kava reverse tolerance

Don’t stress yourself out, trying to reach Kava. Let Kava reach you. Have patience, relax and enjoy yourself.

7 Reasons that might trick you to think Kava reverse tolerance

Kava tolerance varies from person to person. In fact many times, Kava reverse tolerance is not what is keeping you from reaching the astonishing effects of Kava. If you think you’re experiencing Kava reverse tolerance, there could be several reasons for it.

If you can rule all of these reasons out, then the only reason for not reaching the effect of Kava that’s left is reverse tolerance. In that case, keep drinking Kava and enjoy yourself, the effects will come to you in no time.

1. Stress

Stressing out will affect your Kava experience. Kava is stress-relieving by nature, but if you struggle and keep your head in the stress, the effect can feel weakened.

The effect of Kava is anxiety and stress reducing, you can read more about this on Bula Kava House awesome blog post here and in this intriguing blog post by me here.

Solution: Meditate at least 10 minutes before you drink. Put on your favorite chill music. Take a few deep breaths immediately after drinking. Make sure the environment is relaxing and comfortable, light candles, open your windows or relax in a bath, turn the environment into anything you like. Don’t engage your stress and instead focus on the Kava experience.

2. Tolerance is increasing

All though this is rare, your tolerance can actually increase. If it’s your first times trying Kava, you can rule this reason out.

Solution: Take two weeks off from any Kava usage. Eat lots of healthy foods during the two week period.

3. Physical health declining

Look back at the last 2 months of your life. Have you eaten enough? Stayed hydrated? Have you dropped your exercise? Lost sleep? Has it been a stressful time? Have you been eating fewer vegetables and fruits? Have you gained or lost weight?

The reasons for asking these questions is because your health is important for a good Kava experience. Kava loves you, love yourself in the same way and the effect will be amplified. If you drop the ball with your health, you can start noticing less effect of Kava.

Solution: Get back into your good habits and make sure your body is as healthy as possible. You will notice a big difference in the effect of Kava. We all have our ups and downs, help Kava help you.

4. Bad-quality Kava

The quality of Kava makes a huge difference in the effect. It’s easy to think that you’re affected by Kava reverse tolerance when in reality it’s likely that you’ve bought bad-quality Kava.

Solution: Only buy high-quality Kava from good sources. You can find a list of the best vendors with the highest quality Kava online here.

5. Bad preparation of the Kava

Preparing Kava correctly makes your Kava heavenly and delicious. It can be easy to get the process of making Kava wrong as a beginner.

Solution: You can learn how to prepare your own Kava in 4 quick steps here.

6. Expectations VS Reality

When you try Kava for the first times, it’s a common beginner mistake to expect an effect similar to alcohol or drugs from Kava. With this expectation, you keep waiting for an effect that will never happen while ignoring the actual effects.

This is because Kava doesn’t affect your cognition, if you expect it to do so, you’ll feel as if it had no effect.

Solution: Detach yourself from and pre-existing expectations that alcohol culture has taught you. You are drinking a heritage of the Pacific Islands and that culture. Let whatever feeling the Kava gives you, take you away.

Kava can be a spiritual experience full of happiness. Focus on your feelings, relaxing, your mind and what makes you happy and you will notice the delightful effect of Kava.

7. Drinking Kava slowly

In many of the Pacific Islands when it comes to drinking Kava, it’s bottoms up that goes. You should not drink Kava too hasty if you don’t enjoy it, but you should not take too long to get it all down either.

Solution: You should take your time with your Kava if you want to. However, don’t drink too slowly. If you think you’re drinking too slow, try drinking more and quicker until you feel the effect.


Kava reverse tolerance is when your first times drinking Kava you have no effect, and after a few times the effect becomes stronger and stronger. It’s the opposite of tolerance, where the body becomes more and more resistant to the effect.

The reason this can happen with Kava is because of the active ingredient Kavalactones, which gives Kava the effect. Sometimes the body needs to be primed with Kavalactones and get used to them before the effect of Kava reveals itself. Read more about Kavalactones here.

If you think you are experiencing Kava reverse tolerance, it could be because you’re stressed, your physical health has decreased, you’ve had bad-quality Kava, the preparation of the Kava was not correct, your expectations did not match reality or you are drinking Kava a bit too slow. The solutions to these reasons are further up in the post.

If you can rule out all of these reasons, then you are experiencing Kava reverse tolerance. The solution to this is to keep drinking in the correct manner and have patience, you will experience the effects.

Have you experienced Kava reverse tolerance or heard about it before? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

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