3 Fascinating Things About Kava From Fiji

Kava is an exciting and important part of Fiji culture and has been for centuries. Kava from Fiji is known around the world for being some of the best Kava you can get your hands on. Fiji Kava comes in many varieties, in this post, we’ll take a look at what Fiji Kava is like and how the people of Fiji enjoy their Kava.

1. Fiji Kava Life

If you travel to Fiji, it’s impossible to not encounter Kava. The people of Fiji love their Kava. In daily life, almost everyone drinks Kava. You’ll even find communal bowls of Kava where families and friends gather to relax and enjoy their time together.

Kava is the national drink of Fiji and is proudly presented every single day in ceremonies and in normal social drinking, the drinking of Kava is formal.

If you plan on traveling to Fiji, Kava is something you’re bound to come into contact with on your first day. Kava is deeply rooted into the daily lives of the people of Fiji.

Kava from fiji
The Islands of Fiji – Breathtaking views & Delicious Kava

The word for Kava in Fiji is Yaqona and Malogu. Yaqona means bitter and Malogu means subdue. The meaning of the names capture the taste and relaxing feeling of Kava from Fiji.

Fiji Kava used to be prepared by female virgins, who chewed the Kava root and then spit it out. Now this method is of course, outdated and has been replaced with more effective methods of grinding Kava root.

2. The Fiji Kava Ceremony

How and when do people in Fiji drink Kava? If you’re invited to a Kava ceremony in Fiji and you’re the guest of honor, you’ll sit in front of the chief, who prepares the Kava. Behind him, there will be other participants. When the chief has made clear that the Kava is finished, the guest of honor drinks first.

Sit cross-legged and clap your hands once when you receive the half-coconut cup full of Kava. Chug all the Kava down in one go, then clap your hands again and say “Bula!”.

When you give the Kava bowl back to the chief, clap 3 times and everyone will join in. Everyone drinks after the guest of honor.

Is it always this formal? No, there more non-formal ways of just enjoying Kava with friends, in Fiji. The reason for these more formal ceremonies is out of respect for Kava and its heritage and you’ll still find the same respect in more relaxed drinking.

The relaxed and happy way of life of the Pacific Islands is the way to live in Fiji. It’s a big reason why Kava is so popular in Fiji daily life. Because it fits right in.

Fiji Kava Cultivars (Strains)

  1. Damu
  2. Yalu
  3. Dokobana Loa
  4. Dokobana Vula
  5. Matakaro Leka
  6. Matakaro Balavu
  7. Loa Kasa Balavu
  8. Loa Kasa Keka
  9. Vula Kasa Leka
  10. Vula Kasa Balavu
  11. Qila Leka
  12. Qila Balavu
  13. Honolulu

3. What’s the effect of Kava from Fiji?

Many Kava varieties from Fiji have a calming effect. Heavy Fiji Kava is perfect for relaxing with the people you love, or by yourself in the sunset. Kava from Fiji gives you a completely euphoric, happy and relaxed mood.

The Fiji word for Kava is Malogu which means “subdue”. It’s a good word to explain the effect. Subdue anxiety, stress, pain, and your mind. It’s a mellow effect that is utterly pleasant.

The best way to enjoy Kava, in general, is to relax. Separate yourself from any alcohol-related preconceptions you might’ve had about the drink.

Enjoy the heavenly effect of a drink that’s been used for over 2000 years. It can be a spiritual experience where you can learn a lot about yourself.

Where to buy Fiji Kava

Kava Kauai

If you want to buy your own delicious Kava from Fiji, you should check out Kava Kauai. It’s a family-run Kava vendor that offers potent Kava directly from Fiji.

They only sell high-quality Noble Kava. For Fiji Kava, this is one of the best vendors you can find. You can find more of the best online Kava vendors on the market in this post.


Kava from Fiji comes in many varieties, most of them are Heavy Kava varieties. You can read more about the differences between Heavy, Heady and balanced Kava here.

Kava is an important part of Fiji culture. The people of Fiji love their Kava, it’s their national drink. If you travel to Fiji you can participate in exciting Kava ceremonies.

To enjoy Fiji Kava, drink it and relax in the evening. The effects reduce anxiety, stress and make you feel completely relaxed. Fiji way of life is similar to the “Aloha” way of life in Hawaii, a culture where Kava fits right in.

Have you tried Fiji Kava? Did you enjoy it? Leave a comment down below.

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