Why You Should Visit A Kava Bar

We’re starting to see the rise of the Kava bar, a scene that’s always been active but is now growing even more. A Kava bar is a bar that serves Kava, a brew made from the Kava plant that puts you in a mellow, relaxed mood and has powerful health benefits. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best Kava bars in the USA.

What you can expect when you visit a Kava bar

There are several strains of the Kava plant, called “cultivars”. Each individual strain has its own effects, from more happy and psychoactive effects that put you in a soft, mellow mood to bodily effects that reduce pain and bring complete relaxation.

In a Kava bar, you can try out different strains. If you’re planning on buying Kava you haven’t tried before, try it in a bar (just make sure the bar serves Kava of good quality).

Having fun, meeting new people and relaxing in a happy environment is what a Kava bar is all about. If you’ve never had Kava before, Kava bars have staff that is friendly, welcoming and informed on what they’re serving. So don’t be nervous, you’ll receive a warm welcome.

Kava bar
A kava bar is a perfect place to meet new friends
– Kava Culture Kava Bar, Bonita Springs FL

Visiting a Kava bar and spending your money there helps more than you think. In this day and age of prescribed medicine with awful side effects, natural drinks with health benefits such as Kava should be promoted.

A long-term engagement of customers in the Kava business will increase the size of the market and bring more Kava to people who need it.

In a Kava bar, you can enjoy the benefits and effects of Kava in a social environment with other people, a perfect place to experience the drink.

The increasing popularity of the Kava bar

Kava originates from the Pacific Islands. On these islands, the people have been drinking Kava for its benefits for centuries. The increasing popularity of the drink led to bars opening up that serve Kava in the Pacific Islands. Eventually, this trend reached the west. Now several Kava bars have opened up in the USA.

You can find them in Florida, New York, California, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, North & South Carolina, and Texas. The state with the most Kava bars is Florida where you can find over 20 establishments. The rising popularity of the Kava bar can be attributed to the several effects and benefits of the drink.

The effects of Kava reduces anxiety and stress [R][R], protects your liver [R] and will put you in a smooth, peaceful and relaxed mood of complete well-being. You can learn more about the effects and benefits of Kava here.

General awareness of the health benefits are increasing and naturally, people want to see what this South Pacific drink of happiness is all about.

Enjoy the effects of Kava in a Kava bar
The effects of Kava make you feel peaceful & tranquil

The best Kava bars in the USA

If you’re interested in checking out a Kava bar near you, where should you go?

Below is a list of every top-notch Kava bar in the USA, their address, a link to their website (if they have any), and a short description of what you can expect when you visit.

The setting and environment are key when you’re drinking good Kava. But the setting and environment can’t save poor quality Kava. These bars have a nice environment and good quality Kava.

Because of the growth in popularity, it’s interesting to follow the rise of the Kava bar scene. If you dream of opening up a place serving Kava, now is a perfect time.

Check out the list below to find your new favorite Kava bar.

Find the best Kava bar in the USA
The Best Kava Bars in the USA

Kava bars to check out in Florida

Awa Na Kava Bar

2762 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306


Unique, chill vibe and delicious Kava drinks. Also serving hot, tasty food. Popular and laid back place. Groovy, colorful and fun interior with a Pacific touch. You can also smoke hookah and play games here.

Kava fire Inc

139 NE 1st Ave, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

A Kava bar with a spiritual and Pacific vibe. Offers fresh vegan food and acupuncture on top of the amazing Kava drinks.

Kava Culture Kava Bar

2400 First St #104, Fort Myers, FL 33901

24850 S Tamiami Trail Suite 1, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

3822 Tamiami Trl, Port Charlotte, FL,  33952

17979 San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931


Fresh food and Kava drinks that go down well with the customers. Also serving kratom drinks. You can find vegan food at their location on Fort Myers Beach. A chill, modern and relaxed environment in all of the establishments with unique interiors that’ll impress you.

From comfortable hammocks in a perfect, Pacific setting at Fort Myers Beach, to outdoor couches at Bonita Springs where you can hang out and meet new friends. Welcoming and knowledgeable staff.

They specialize in an upscale fun environment with tons of events such as open mic night, live music, Kava Thursday (at Bonita Springs), Kava Sunday (Downtown), yoga, business networking and singles nights. Popular and highly recommended.

Syndicate Kava Bar & Tap Room

219 NW 20TH ST #103 MIAMI FL 33127


One of the coolest Kava bars in Florida. The modern interior stands out in front of their awesome brick wall. A unique vibe that really cements what Kava culture is all about in a modern, popular and social environment. Their Kava is of high quality and their food is to die for. You can also find Kratom drinks here.

Mad Hatters Ethnobotanical Kava Bar

4685 28th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714


Very popular Kava and premium hookah bar. Also serving kratom drinks, herbal tea, nitro coffee and fruit smoothies.

Grassroots Kava House

957 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705


Quality Kava and kratom drinks, also serving tea and coffee. Hospitable staff and pet-friendly. A welcoming environment where it’s easy to enjoy your Kava.

Pacific Rootz

6996 Piazza Grande Ave, Orlando, FL 32835


Colorful green and red interior, friendly and welcoming staff. Serves potent Kava drinks. A hidden gem in Orlando with raving reviews.

Island Root Kava Bar

1900 Municipal Ln, Melbourne, FL 32901


Unique, top notch Kava bar. Also serving great coffee and tea (has arcade games too).

Kava Cove Lounge

2020 W Fairbanks Ave #100, Winter Park, FL 32789


Kava drinks of good quality. Good reviews and happy customers. Kratom drinks and CBD are on the menu as well. Welcoming and fun atmosphere that captures the inviting feeling of a Kava bar.

Greetings from the owner:

We have a great customer base that allows for new customers to feel welcome and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere.

Mai Kai Kava Bar

17 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601


Kava, coffee, tea, and kratom drinks that go down well with the customers. Colorful bar interior. You can also order tasty CBD infused coffee and tea here. Great reviews and newly renovated.

Kava bars to check out in Georgia

Mai Kai Kava Tea Living Room

3196 GA-515, Blairsville, GA 30512


Kava and kratom drinks, delicious CBD coffee and tea. The standard of this Mai Kai Kava bar is no different than their place in Florida. Drinks made with high quality ingredients. A welcoming atmosphere with Pacific influenced interior. Knowledgeable staff and owner. A Kava bar that’s highly recommended.

Kava bars to check out in California

MeloMelo Kava Bar


1701 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703

1101 Pacific Ave suite d, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Great Kava and Kambucha. Knowledgeable staff who are welcoming. Has Kava from Fiji. You can also watch cult classic movies on a projector. Very popular and highly recommended. Their place in Santa Cruz also features high-quality Fiji Kava that customers are raving about. The smooth pink and purple lighting adds to the atmosphere at night time.

Mystic Water Kava Bar

7561 Center Ave #6, Huntington Beach, CA 92647


The quality of the Kava in this place is no joke, it’s high quality Kava. The interior is a beautiful theme inspired by nature and spirituality.

Root of Happiness Kava Bar

1949 Zinfandel Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

211 F St, Davis, CA 95616


Serves high-quality Kava, Kratom tea and delicious Kambucha. Great vibes. Their location in Davis features astonishing wall art, lighting, and modern interior. The Rancho Cordova location is a beautiful Pacific influenced interior. Try to visit on a night with live music performance.

Root of Happiness, Davis – wall art

Kava Bar

630 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Relaxing atmosphere with friendly people. Good prices. Chill out with quality Kava drinks and play pool.

Kava Lounge

901 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94115


Serving Kava that is on point. You can also find CBD Nitro coffee here. A great place to hangout with fantastic staff and cool people. You can play games, listen to live music in the evenings, look at the beautiful art, and enjoy whatever events the owners have prepared for the day, from live performances and community nights to massage therapy. Highly recommended.

Kava bars to check out in New York

Brooklyn Kava


191 Suydam St, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Delicious Kava. True gem in Brooklyn with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

House of Kava

238 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221


Relaxing Kava bar featuring strong Kava, board games and poetry. Cool art and chill environment. Very popular Kava bar where you can expect to have fun on every visit.

Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar

103 S Geneva St, Ithaca, NY 14850


Tasty tea and Kava. Appreciated for the artsy style, special events, the dance floor and friendly staff. A great Kava bar to hang out with your friends and find new ones. Highly recommended.

Kava bars to check out in Oregon

Bula Kava House

3115 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202


Popular, exciting and warm. Tasty Kava drinks. This Kava bar mixes local artists with a Pacific feel to the atmosphere. Raving reviews from Kava enthusiasts who are experienced and from first-timers as well. Highly recommended.

Nalu Kava Bar

722 N Sumner St, Portland, OR 97217


A total hit. Nalu Kava bar serves Kava drinks that are spot on. A speakeasy Kava bar tucked away in the heart of Portland. Nalu serves up an array of earthly drinks to nourish the multifaceted and inter-dimensional human.  Also featuring fun events and superfoods. A warm and welcoming Kava bar with owners who’ve got the Kava game down to a science. Highly recommended.

Atmospheric night at Nalu Kava Bar

LovaKava Kava Bar and Restaurant

120 W Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401

Facebook page

Hot delicious food, chill Kava drinks. A Kava bar where you’ll find lots of fun, also serving heavenly smoothies.

Greetings from the owner:

You should come to visit us. When you walk into LovaKava, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced in a kava Bar before. Our chefs are world class.

Quincy even won the grand prize on Guy’s Grocery Games on TV. We do things no other kava Bar does. We offer Exquisite Vegan Cuisine, Health Targeted smoothies, cold press juicing, premium kombucha on tap, loose leaf tea assortments, Yerba Mate, and of course the World’s Most Premium Noble Kava.

Owner on the risks and legal experiences of owning a Kava bar:

LovaKava was under attack by the State of Oregon and for a few weeks was shut down, simply for preparing and serving Kava. We lawyered up, costing us several 10s of thousands of dollars. The state and Lane County immediately backed down because our case was solid.

We tried to ask other kava bars to help us out with the cost and that I would happily share our legal argument. No one did. Now, because they ignored my offering to share my legal argument, the states of CA, NY and now it seems FL are shutting down Kava Bars (as of this past week). Now those kava bars are scrambling and asking for help.

Because they ignored my offering they will now be forced to obtain legal advice expenses. My case was based on sound evidence and precedence. That Kava is a food and not a food additive. That’s where these states are getting their ammunition from. Claiming that Kava is a food additive and supplement. I argued against that position.

When importing, our kava is imported also as a food on the import/customs forms. We also have it tested for everything from E. coli to heavy metals. Kava bars are getting in trouble because they aren’t bothering doing these things.

Kava bars to check out in Colorado

Ohana Kava Bar

112 E Boulder St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Ohana Kava bar is a relaxing, laid back Kava bar with cool board games and Kava drinks of good quality. It’s popular, has friendly staff and features a well-thought-out selection of Kava drinks.

Kava bars to check out in Texas

SquareRut Kava Bar

1601 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

5000 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751


Cozy, warm and hospitable Kava bar. Pacific influenced, groovy decor. Quality Kava drinks that go down well with the customers.

Kava bars to check out in North Carolina

Noble Kava

268 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

114 Clement St STE 106, Boone, NC 28607


This Kava bar has a warm vibe. Relax with live music and try tasty kava and kratom drinks. You can also play ping pong. The place in Boone is of the same high standard. It has a warm and modern interior . The Kava is of high quality and highly recommended.

Krave Kava Bar

105 W Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510

202 Exchange Pl, Greensboro, NC 27401

Tasty, potent Kava drinks. A warm and welcoming Kava bar with staff who know their Kava.

Vintage Kava

141 Reems Creek Rd, Weaverville, NC 28787


Chill vibe Kava bar with superb Kava drinks. Enjoy the events, games and the friendly customer service. A Kava bar where it’s easy to make new friends.

Kat 5 Kava

123 Grace St, Wilmington, NC 28401

Colorfun and fun Kava bar. Fair prices and relaxing atmosphere that helps you unwind. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Serves quality kratom and Kava drinks.

Rooted Kava Lounge

415 S College Rd Suite 17, Wilmington, NC 28403


Serves fantastic Kava and Kratom drinks. Welcoming and warm atmosphere. Colorful interior and good music.

Kava bars to check out in South Carolina

The Kava Connection

1540 Wade Hampton Blvd h, Greenville, SC 29609


Unlike North Carolina, South Carolina only has one Kava place. If any upcoming competition is on the horizon, they better bring their A-game to keep the standard as high as The Kava Connection. This Kava bar is inviting and has excellent service. Tasty Kava drinks of high quality. Cool vibe and atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Kava bars to check out in Hawaii

Hilo Bay Kava Bar

264 Keawe St, Hilo, HI 96720

Serves strong, locally grown Kava of high quality. Welcoming and fun Kava bar with great staff. Perfect place to try your first Kava drink.

Kanaka Kava

75-5803 Alii Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Authentic Hawaii comfort food and superb Kava drinks. A match made in heaven. This Kava bar can be summarized with the word “delicious”.

Sea Dandelion Vegetarian Cafe and Awa Bar

6939, 45-3590 Mamane St, Honokaa, HI 96727

This Kava bar has great vegan food. Their Kava drinks are on point. Relaxing setting and environment.

La Hiki Ola Kava Bar

15-2950 Pahoa Village Rd, Pāhoa, HI 96778

This Kava bar has captured the spirit of “Aloha”. Authentic, cool, local, inviting, warm, magical, artsy and the Kava is top notch. Features fun events. Good customer service.


A kava bar is a relaxing and fun place where you can enjoy Kava drinks and meet new people. The popularity of Kava and the Kava bar is growing. Awareness of the health benefits among the population is rising, which is good in the age of prescribed medicine with terrible side effects.

There are many superb Kava bars in the USA. The list of Kava bars contain the best Kava bars that are definitely worth a visit, with their address, website and a short description of what you can expect on your visit. If you’ve been planning on trying out Kava or even opening your own Kava bar, now is a perfect time to do so.

Want to know the effects and health benefits of Kava? Check this article out.

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