3 Unusual Tips On How To Drink Kava For Beginners

Drinking Kava is an amazing experience. The effects of this South Pacific drink of happiness is the natural solution to stress and anxiety. So how do you drink Kava? It seems so simple but there are many ways to improve your Kava experience. In this article, you’ll learn how to drink Kava for the best experience.

The best dosage to start with

You should use 1 tablespoon of ground Kava root for every 1 cup of water. A good dosage to start with is 3 tablespoons of Kava and 3 cups of water. However, you can’t overdose on Kava and taking a higher dose will only get you more sedated.

You can drink all of it one sitting or split it up into thirds, to drink it 3 times in one day.

After this, you can judge for yourself what kind of dosage is good for you and experiment. Be careful however, during high doses of Kava I would not recommend driving because of the sedating effect.

Drinking method

You should drink your cup of Kava pretty quickly, try bottoms up for the best effect.

Sipping away at your Kava for a long time is not recommended and will weaken the effects significantly. However, if a weaker effect is what you want then you should drink slowly.

How to prepare Kava

The preparation of your Kava has a massive impact on the effects. Make sure that you prepare your Kava well and you’ll notice a strong effect.

You can learn how to prepare Kava in 4 quick steps, for the most potent effect here.

Those are the basics on how to drink Kava, but to have the best experience you should continue reading.

How to drink Kava for the Aloha feeling

Kava has its roots in the South Pacific culture. Every day, the people of the South Pacific enjoy Kava. These people love Kava in a special way. We can learn much from their way of drinking Kava.

Life in the South Pacific is simple, care-free, fun, full of love, spiritual, welcoming, friendly, strong, and full of culture. The “aloha” spirit of Hawaii is a great example of this way of life.

So what does this have to do with drinking Kava? If we connect this way of life with drinking Kava, we get the ultimate Kava experience.

How to drink kava
Aloha, Kava makes you feel like you just landed in Hawaii.

For those of us living in the western world, this way of life can be very far away. So does this mean, we can’t have the same experience? Of course, we can. In fact, Kava is our entry to an “aloha” life.

Use Kava as your entry door to the South Pacific way, even if it’s just for a few hours. To be able to connect with this love, we need to put our mind in a certain place. Let’s go over a few practical steps that’ll help you have the best Kava experience.

If you for some reason think all of this is silly, I urge you to still give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Create or go to a comfortable environment

Ask yourself, where do you want to drink Kava? What would be your favorite place? Is it far? Can you go there right now?

If you can go there, you should take your Kava with you and go (I’d tell you to stay and keep reading if you could, but if the Kava is calling, you need to go).

If it’s a place very far away, no problem. Think about how this place looks and feels, then get to decorating your home to give it the same vibe.

Colors, candles, cloths, any props, and decorations should be used until you’re satisfied with your environment.

Music is very powerful when drinking Kava, it can enhance your experience greatly. If you want to drink your Kava at the beach, bring your favorite music with you.

What’s the best thing to do when drinking Kava?

What do you want to do while drinking Kava? What would make you the happiest? Here are a few tips to spark your creativity:

Music, Reading, Socializing, Meditating, Relaxing, Work on your favorite hobby.

The effects of Kava increase social ability and makes it fun to hang out with other people. Relaxing or meditating, in a feeling of complete well-being, is a good option too.

Kava also increases creativity and mental stimulation, so reading or working on your favorite hobby will make your Kava experience fantastic.

If you want to do something else completely, go for it. There are no rules except for following your heart, and it’s important to do so in your own unique way.

What to expect when you drink Kava

Kava is different from alcohol. It’s important to understand because alcohol culture can give you expectations on your Kava experience, that would do nothing for you.

Kava is a heritage of the Pacific Islands that’s over 2000 years old. From the beginning, Kava has been a spiritual and medical experience. The people of the Pacific Islands respect Kava and you should do the same.

Drinking Kava is social, healing, fun, and good for your physical and mental health. It’s different from tequila shots.

In fact, if you’re an alcoholic Kava can help you substitute your addiction with something that’s good for you.

Expect an experience that’ll cleanse your anxiety, stress, and put you in a mellow, tranquil state of happiness.

And that is how you follow the South Pacific way and have the best Kava experience, wherever you are. Simply follow your heart to what you want and do it. With all this in mind, you’re ready to have the best Kava experience possible.

Your liver and Kava

Is Kava bad for your liver? There have been around 100 recorded cases of liver damage in association with heavy Kava usage. This might sound like much, but millions of people drink (a lot) of Kava daily and have been doing so for thousands of years.

It’s still not clear exactly what caused the liver damage in these cases, because the cases are so rare.

Studies also urge for more research, because it’s highly likely that Kava combined with something else, illness, medicine, drugs, etc, was the reason for the damage and not the Kava itself.

Still, the fact remains that Kava was in some way involved in these cases. So to be on the safe side, be moderate with your Kava usage and you should be fine.


The best dosage to start with is to make one serving of Kava on 3 tablespoons of ground Kava root and 3 cups of water.

Drink the cup of Kava quickly for the strongest effect. You should create or go to a comfortable environment to drink your Kava. Activities such as relaxing, socializing, meditating, reading, listen to music and working on your favorite hobby are perfect when you drink Kava.

Follow your heart and the “aloha” way, enjoy yourself. Don’t expect an experience related to alcohol, but a cleansing and stress-relieving experience that’ll leave you mellow and relaxed.

Heavy Kava usage has been associated with liver damage in some cases but it’s still not proven if the Kava caused the liver damage. To be on the safe side, make sure you drink Kava moderately.

What’s your best Kava experience? Comment down below.

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