How Long Does Kava Last? 5 Awesome Tips To Increase Effect

Kava, the South Pacific drink of happiness, has astonishing effects that reduce anxiety and stress and gives you a mellow, relaxed feeling of complete well-being.

So how long does Kava last? There’s more to this intriguing question than you might think. In this article, you’ll learn how long Kava generally lasts and how to make these delightful effects last for as long as possible.

What determines how long Kava lasts?

Everyone is unique and we all experience the effects of Kava differently.
How long kava lasts and the intensity of the effects is a combined result of:

body weight, age, gender, the amount of Kavalactones in the Kava, metabolism, Kava reverse tolerance, the quality of the Kava, how the Kava is prepared, the type of Kava and dosage.

You can’t change most of these factors to make your Kava experience longer or shorter. So let’s go over the three biggest factors that you can control, that affects how long Kava lasts for you.

Why Kavalactones and Kava quality are important

Kavalactones is the chemical compound that gives Kava its effect. The root of the Kava plant contains the most Kavalactones.

High-quality Kava contains more Kavalactone ranging from 3 to 20 percent Kavalactones per serving, the higher the better. The next time you buy Kava, keep this in mind.

If you stay with high-quality Kava and don’t bother with anything else, you’ll notice a big difference in how long your Kava experience lasts. High-quality is the most important thing to remember when it comes to having a good Kava experience.

The amount of Kavalactones in the Kava determines how strong the effect is and for how long it will last.

Kavalactones are composed differently in every variety of Kava. This is why different Kava varieties have different effects, ranging from stimulating to sedating.

The composition of Kavalactones is called a Chemotype and every Kava variety has its own unique Chemotype.

Kava reverse tolerance

Kava reverse tolerance doesn’t affect everyone and is not too common, but it’s important to know about.

If you’re new to Kava then you should know about Kava reverse tolerance. It’s when your tolerance to Kava starts off high but goes lower the more times you drink Kava.

This might sound strange and is almost exclusive to Kava, as drugs and alcohol usually make the body build tolerance, with Kava is can be the other way around.

During the first times drinking Kava, your body is essentially primed with Kavalactones and sometimes this gives them no effect. Then after a few times drinking, your body will start using the Kavalactones and the effects only become stronger and stronger.

Think of it as your body getting really getting to know Kava before giving you the effects.

There aren’t many people who say they’ve built a tolerance towards Kava even after years of usage, so normal tolerance is nothing to worry about.

If you’re affected by Kava reverse tolerance, the duration of the effects might be shorter during your first times drinking Kava. The solution to this is simple; just relax and give it some time.

Kava preparation

The Kava needs to be prepared properly, for you to have an amazing Kava experience. This is a key factor. Well-prepared Kava will have effects that last longer.

Preparing Kava is easy and fun. You can learn how to prepare delicious Kava in just 4 quick steps here. Love, effort, respect, and fun are key ingredients that might be missing if you already know how to prepare Kava.

The general answer to how long does Kava last

There are many factors that affect how long your Kava experience will last. Before you’ve tried Kava for yourself, it’s impossible to know for how long it will affect you.

So let’s try to give you the best answer we can, by looking at other Kava users experiences.

According to user reviews, most people feel the highest intensity of Kava effects for about 20 – 60 minutes before it starts to come down over another 20-50 minutes.

How long Kava lasts can be different for you

Because we all experience Kava differently, there are many exceptions. Some people say that they feel intense effects for up to 4 hours and some people last all day.

The effect length varies, but most people are put into the 20-60 minute category.

These are all different people who’ve had different types of Kava. They have different body types and have had their Kava prepared in different ways. You own experience might be different.

how long does kava last
We’re all unique and so is the duration of our Kava experience

Since the time of the effects varies for everyone but most of us want it to last for as long as possible, let’s form another question that you might want to know the answer to:

How to make the effects of Kava last longer? 5 Tips that work for everyone.

Here are a few tips to make your Kava experience last for as long as possible.

  • Drink on empty stomach

The effect of Kava will be more intense and last longer on an empty stomach. Some people don’t like this experience and if you don’t, it’s something you should stay away from. Don’t drink Kava in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Drink high-quality Kava

The quality of Kava plays an undeniable part in your Kava experience. High-quality Kava will make the effects of Kava more intense and last longer. You can find 10 of the best Kava online vendors who only sell high-quality Kava here.

  • Dosage

There are two things to think about when it comes to dosage. Quantity and how fast you drink your Kava.

The recommended Kava dosage is 300mg Kavalactones per day. This limit is quite low and there’s no scientific reason or benefit behind it. It’s hard to even calculate how much Kavalactones is in one serving.

So, for a good dosage, you should use 1 tablespoon of ground Kava root for every 1 cup of water that you use in the preparation, start with 3 of each and feel the effects, then you can experiment and determine a dosage that’s perfect for you.

There’s no way to overdose on Kava, but if you consume more than the recommended dosage you will start to feel an altered state of mind that’s more sedated.

You should not drive and be careful, for your safety and others if you decide to drink more.

You can drink all of the 300mg in one sitting. Another tip is to split the 300mg up into three 100mg servings that you drink throughout the day. I’d suggest trying both of these methods to see which one gives you the best and the longest Kava experience.

If you drink your Kava shell slowly, the effects might be lacking and not last for very long. Try going bottoms up with your Kava and you’ll notice a difference in intensity and duration of the effect.

  • Drink your Kava in a comfortable environment

The environment does play a part in your Kava experience. Make sure you’re comfortable. If you’re stressed or uncomfortable the effects and duration of Kava will be weakened.

Listen to music, light candles, meditate, take a bath, create an environment where you feel completely at ease.

Don’t stress your body out too much. Your body will burn through the Kava experience quicker if you put too much stress on your body.

If a social environment is your thing (it often is when you drink Kava), visit a Kava bar. You’ll love the experience.

  • Prepare your Kava properly

As mentioned previously in the article, prepare your Kava in the correct way to have the longest effect. You can learn an easy way to prepare Kava here.


How long Kava lasts is a result of body weight, age, gender, the amount of Kavalactones in the Kava, metabolism, Kava reverse tolerance, the quality of the Kava, how the Kava is prepared, the type of Kava and dosage.

The three biggest factors are the amount of Kavalactones in the Kava, Kava reverse tolerance and the quality of the Kava. High quality Kava contains 3-20% Kavalactones. The more, the higher the quality and duration of effect.

By looking at user reviews we can see that most people feel intense effects from Kava for 20-60 minutes before the effects start to come down over another period of 20-50 minutes.

Many other people report feeling intense effects for 4 hours and other last all day. How long Kava lasts is unique to the individual.

To increase the duration of the effects; prepare your Kava properly, drink it in a comfortable environment, drink your Kava quick (bottoms up), use the correct dosage for you (try 300mg first and then experiment), use high-quality Kava from good sources, and you can also drink of an empty stomach.

From user reviews, we can get an idea of how long Kava lasts but it still varies for everyone. The only real way to find out how long Kava lasts is to try for yourself. Use the tips from this article to reach the longest duration of effects possible for you.

How long does Kava last for you? Leave a comment down below.

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