Best Nootropics For Beginners – What You Need To Know

People dive into the popular world of nootropics every day, and end up with a lot of questions – What are nootropics? Where can I buy them? What nootropics are the best to use as a beginner? Are they legal?


What are nootropics?

A nootropic is a group of drugs or supplements that enhance cognitive abilities naturally. The popularity of Nootropics is rising because they work and because health is now more popular in the western world. Your mental and physical health will increase with the use of nootropics.

Nootropics are a healthy drug or supplement that improves cognitive abilities. Awareness of nootropics among students is rising because of how nootropics help you study, stay focused and be in a good mood, ready to take on the day. 

Here we’ll cover the best nootropics for beginners, so you’re ready to dive into the fantastic world of nootropics.


Are they dangerous or unhealthy?

Nootropics cannot be unhealthy or dangerous. If you take nootropic supplements that are established on the market, they are not dangerous to you.

There are few nootropics you should approach carefully because we don’t understand how nootropics affect your body long-term yet, these examples are rare. If you take any established nootropic and do some research (a quick google search is enough) you are fine.


Are nootropics legal?

Most established nootropics are legal but there are exceptions from country to country. Find out if the nootropic you want to buy is available and legal in the country you live in. 

Due to the fact that nootropics are cognitive and physical enhancement supplements, some of them are banned from using if you’re an athlete who is competing.

Some nootropics are considered illegal substances in some countries so check before you purchase. Nootropics have nothing in common with street drugs, as nootropics are cognitive enhancers that are natural and good for your body.


What are the best nootropics for beginners?

As a beginner, you should buy popular nootropics with good reviews. Do some quick research before buying. Here are our examples of the best nootropics for beginners.




This popular nootropic has some great effects that work for everyone.

  • Focus

Piracetam makes you alert and gives you a clear mind. Better focus, even during mundane tasks.

  • Vocal recollection and wit

Gives a better vocal recollection, you will be able to express yourself easier and better when you’re speaking. Finding the appropriate words and sentences will come naturally.

  • Better memory

Both short and long-term memory will be improved. Your ability to remember scenarios, details in conversations and any information will be improved.

  • Better confidence

Your social anxiety will be weakened and you’ll find that you want to engage in conversations with people. You’ll feel more socially active overall.

  • Motivation and general well-being

You’ll feel ready to take on any tasks or issues head-on. A continuation of doing this will greatly increase your overall mental health, physical health, and personal well-being.

We recommend Piracetam because it has well-rounded effects that work on anyone. You might not feel all of the effects of Piracetam when you take it, sometimes maybe you will have 2 of the effects and the next time maybe 2 other effects or more.

It’s also cheap, you can buy this on many websites. There are several vendors who create a great product for a good price.



We recommend that you take 2.4-4.8 grams of Piracetam per day. You should split this up into 3 doses so you can take it 3 times per day, 1 dose should be 0.8-1.6g. This is because Piracetam will leave your system after 2-3 hours, so to get the benefits of the effects all day, taking it 3 times per day is highly recommended.


Side effects

There is one side effect that some people might feel when taking Piracetam and that is headaches. If you feel a headache after taking Piracetam you should add in choline to your dosage of Piracetam. The headaches are caused by an increased amount of glutamate in the brain.

Piracetam makes your glutamate receptors absorb more glutamate. Acetylcholine will help the brain balance out the increased intake of glutamate and cure you of the headaches. The positive effects of Piracetam will be noticed after around 1-2 weeks of recommended daily dosage. It’s unlikely that you will feel the positive effects straight away. Because of this, keep taking your daily dose for 7-14 days and you will be set.




Choline helps support your brain with healthy fats. The brain is made of 60% fat. Choline makes your body able to synthesize and absorb healthy fats for your brain. Choline itself is a nutrient that is natural to most of the life on earth. Animals and plants need choline as well. With choline as a nootropic, the effect is enhanced. This is one of the best nootropics for beginners because it’s an essential nutrient that should be used by anyone.



  • Improved memory
  • Overall a better mood
  • Energy.

Choline will make you feel mentally prepared for every aspect of the day.


Side effects

  • None

Choline is not a drug, this is a vitamin-like natural, healthy nutrient. In the United States choline is recommended as one of the essential vitamins. We recommend it in the same way.


Alpha GPC


Alpha GPC is a phospholipid that exists in the membrane of your cells. It helps your brain absorb choline and has other nootropic effects; improving your memory and mental focus. Many studies have been made to treat Alzheimer’s disease with Alpha GPC.

Alpha GPC supplies your brain with acetylcholine which you lose if you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. An increase in acetylcholine in your brain improves memory and prevents Alzheimer’s. 

There have been scientific tests with Alpha GPC to determine its ability to enhance growth hormone production. This has shown to be the case in some tests but not all. More research needs to go into these tests before we know how Alpha GPC effects hormone production.  

In Louisiana, a study was made to see if Alpha GPC improves physical performance during a workout and physical training. The study used tests where the test subjects performed bench pressing and deadlift, and then the force generated was measured.

The subjects who were on Alpha GPC had an increase of 3% improvement of lower body strength. The study couldn’t prove the mechanism in Alpha GPC as the reason for increased performance but had a good theory that could be proven with further studies.



  • Improved memory
  • Improves preservation of memory
  • Treatment and possibly prevention of Alzheimer’s.


Side effects

Some people who’ve used Alpha GPC have reported side effects that you should know about. Most healthy adults taking Alpha GPC receive no side effects, but it is possible that some do.


  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nervousness


If you’re prone to any of these side effects in your daily life, contact a medical professional before you take any Alpha GPC.


Closing tips for beginners


Do your research before purchasing any nootropic and consult a medical professional if needed.

You can combine several nootropics into what is known as a “stack” more information on this can be found on nootropic related websites.

Nootropics alone will benefit both your health and mental health but remember to live a balanced life with exercise and eat healthily. This will not only boost the effects of nootropics, but it will also make you more healthy overall.


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