10 Best Kava Vendors With Pure Noble Kava (2019)

There are many Kava vendors online and it can be hard to find the one that’s best for you. In this post, you’ll find a list of the best Kava vendors online. They only supply the best of the best, astonishing high-quality Noble Kava.

Kraken Kratom

A Kratom vendor? I was surprised as well. Kraken Kratom is also selling Kava and this Kava is no joke. After trying them, I must admit that this vendor has Noble Kava down to a science. The dark horse of all these vendors proved to be worth every cent.

Do not miss out on trying some for yourself, as their stock runs out quick. By the way, they have free shipping.

Click here to browse their selection of Kava.

Kalm With Kava

Has one of the best selections of high-quality, heavenly Noble Kava. They have established their Kava on the market as being close to perfection. I recommend trying their Premium Kava Sample Pack, it’s of high value.

From unbelievable instant Kava to mystical to delicious Samoa Kava.
This is truly one of the best Kava vendors that you can buy from.

Bula Kava House

Renowned Kava vendor who also have a Kava bar that I’ve listed as one of the best in the United States (you can read about it in this article). It’s hard to find better quality Noble Kava.

Their Melo Melo Kava is legendary and is a must-try. You should also buy their Coconut Cups, the perfect way to drink your Kava.

Kava Collective

Their House Blend Kava and Fiji Blend Kava are pure Kava greatness.

They have a very exciting product called KBD, it’s CBD and Kavalactone drops. The effect of this mix is astonishing.

Root Of Happiness

One of the best Kava vendors that’s also a Kava bar (one of the best in the United States). They only put the best of the best on their shelves.

They have unbelievable Fiji Kava, Hawaii Kava, Samoa Kava, Solomon Kava, Vanuatu Kava, Tonga Kava and something very special; Micronesian Kava. This selection of Kava is mouth-watering.


The Kava marketplace. You’ll find different brands of Kava here, including their own brand. It’s addicting to shop from this vendor because you want to try everything. They only sell Noble Kava that’s extremely potent, almost explosive.

Kona Kava Farm

An experienced vendor with their eyes on being number one. They have a sampler pack that’s cheap and full of quality, designed for people who are new to Kava, definitely try it out. Their other Kava varieties are to die for.


A Kava vendor with an impressive brand. Their Kava is spot-on, the effect is all you wish for in quality Noble Kava.

They also offer their own invention, a Kava making bottle that’s revolutionary for making your own Kava. Super easy to use and can be brought with you anywhere. Kava on the go, as they say.

Kava Kauai

A family-operated Kava vendor with excellent noble Kava from Fiji and Vanuatu, their Vanuatu Kava is popular and absolutely exquisite.

Many customers testify to their high quality and potent Kava effect. If you’re going to buy from them, try the Vanuatu Kava for the best experience.

Kava Genie

Another experienced vendor who have their shelves stacked with delicious Noble Kava. Their Kava from Vanuatu is exceptional. They also take small orders at a cheaper price.

What makes these the best Kava vendors?

There are certain qualities a vendor must have to reach the level of mastery that the vendors in this list have. Often, the quality of the product is a mirror of the vision and passion of the owners.

So what makes a Kava vendor one of the best? These are the qualities I think make or break a Kava vendor:

Passion for Kava, being competitive, having a high standard, understanding of the market, being transparent, good customer service, having the courage to try new things, quality control, fair prices, and of course, selling incredible Kava.

Best kava vendor
For the best Kava experience, buy from the best Kava vendors.

Looking for Kratom?

Kratom is often served in Kava bars. If you’re interested in Kava, you might like it. Learn where to buy the best Kratom online here.


A list of the top 10 Kava vendors on the market, you can’t go wrong with a purchase from any of them. They are selected to give you the best experience with Kava. The criteria to be on the list is to be as close to mastery of Kava as possible.

What is your favorite Kava vendor? Leave a comment down below.

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