Top 3 Best Supplements To A Healthy Brain

The brain is the control center of your body. Neglecting it could have devastating effects later on in life. Make your brain run like clockwork with nootropics. These are the top 3 best supplements for your brain.


About brain health

Your brain is the core of you. It’s the control center of the body. It controls and regulates the rest of your body so you can stay healthy.

Having a healthy brain is essential to living a healthy life. You should not have to worry about your brain failing you, later on in life.

It’s the central organ of your nervous system. It regulates your hormones, your cognitive functions, movement, your mental health and more.


What can you do for your brain?

How much focus do we actually have on the health of our brain today?

Having a healthy body and organs do contribute to the overall health of your brain. But what can we do to directly improve the health of our brain?

Taking supplements is a great way to help your brain get all of the essentials. It will also benefit you, later on, in life.

Diseases and decreases of brain performance at later ages are not something to take lightly. But it’s also something that we can work on preventing right now.

Here we’ll cover the top 3 best supplements your brain needs.


Brain function

There are seven main functions of our brain.

  • Senses

Hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting is all possible thanks to our brain. The brain interprets the world around us, so we can sense it in all aspects.

  • Motor Control

Our movement is controlled by the brain. When we want to move, the brain sends this information out through our nerves to motor neurons which control our muscles.

  • Emotion

Every emotion we feel is controlled by our brain. Whether it’s happiness or sadness, we would not be able to feel anything without this function.

  • Cognition

The ability to filter information. To react in certain ways we see fit. When we listen to things we find important and filter out things we do not find important. To be able to think about the relevance of certain concepts we learn. To be able to do one task and then swap to another based on importance and to plan ahead is all possible because of our cognition.

  • Language

Speech is also one of the main functions of our brain. The language center in our brain is full of information that we use to speak. We can improve our speech and if we don’t practice it, we can also decrease the skill of our speech.

  • Lateralisation

Our brain controls our body in an interesting way. The left side of the brain controls the right half of our body, the right side of the brain controls the left half of our body. This affects how information from our eyes is interpreted by the brain as well as movement. Parts of the brain are exceptions to this, for example, our language, which is mostly governed by the left side of the brain.


1. Omega-3 Fish Oil

There are fatty acids in omega-3 fish oil called EPA and DHA. These acids are essential and critical to our development and brain function.

This is important for our brain but omega-3 also protects us from vascular diseases.



  • A MUST When Pregnant 

Omega-3 is crucial for infants. It promotes brain growth and development.

  • Improve Mental Disorders

Has been shown to decrease symptoms on people with mental disorder such as mood swings and schizophrenia.

  • Be Smarter

Improved brain function and development means you’ll be smarter.

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s 

Also prevents the mental disorders that could come with old age.

  • Decreased Hyperactivity

Has been shown in studies to help children with ADHD. Also on adults, Omega-3 reduces hyperactivity and restlessness.

  • Improved Memory

Increased brain activity and brain health also improve our memory.


Side effects

  • None

This is an essential fatty acid for the health of our brain, recommended for all ages and for everyone.



An essential fatty acid that should be taken by everyone. Significantly improves the health of your brain and prevents diseases and lowered brain function at later ages.


2. Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that makes us alert, our reaction time faster and makes us less tired. If you don’t like drinking tea or coffee containing caffeine, you can try eating dark chocolate which also contains caffeine. If you don’t like any of these, there is caffeine in supplement form and it works just as well.



  • Improved Brain Function

Promotes higher brain function.

  • Better Memory

Improves your ability to remember.

  • Stay Alert And Perform Well

Improvement to your auditory and visual reaction time. Gives a better performance and alertness.

  • Good Mood

Caffeine has been shown in studies to put you in a better mood.


Side effects

  • The Buzz

Caffeine can give some people an annoying buzz or a headache. Make sure to drink water if you notice these side effects.



Caffeine is a great way to start the day off. It puts you in a better mood, makes you more alert and gives a better performance during tasks.

Overall this is a great health boost for your brain.


3. Bacopa Monnieri

This is a herb that has been used for a long time in Indian medicine. A natural supplement to improve the health of your brain and prevent diseases.



  • Improved Memory

Studies on how Bacopa affects memory has had mixed results. But in many cases, it has been shown to improve the memory of healthy adults.

  • Reduced Anxiety

Many user reviews state that after taking Bacopa for 4 weeks, the symptoms of anxiety have weakened.

  • Prevention Of Alzheimer’s

In preclinical research, Bacopa has shown to protect the brain from aging and to prevent Alzheimer’s. More research is needed before we can prove how effective Bacopa is at protecting your brain. The results from current research are varied depending on the individual. However positive results are reported from many users.


Side effects 

  • Do Not Use If:

You’re suffering from Thyroid’s disease or if you’re breastfeeding.

The level of Thyroid hormones can rise when you take Bacopa. There’s not enough research to say that it’s completely safe to use if you are breastfeeding.


A traditional herb used for improving memory and to prevent Alzheimer’s. Might have varied results depending on the individual, but is recommended because of the reported benefits.


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