Aniracetam – A Hit Or Miss Nootropic

Aniracetam is a nootropic that’s part of the racetam family. It’s a powerful nootropic that gives positive effects to mood, focus, wakefulness, energy, and productivity.

All though, the positive effects for Aniracetam are recorded by many users and is available to be prescribed in Europe, it has not been approved the US Food and Drug Administration.

This is not without reason. While Aniracetam certainly has powerful effects, it can have some powerful side effects as well. So, should you use this nootropic? There is conflicting information about the positive effects of Aniracetam. Let’s take a look.


Aniracetam works by stimulating the AMPA receptors in the brain [R]. This is what gives it the properties of improved mood and reduced anxiety [R].

These are the benefits the producers of Aniracetam promise. There are a few studies to back these claims up. Keep in mind that user reports are not always accurate, but I will list the reported user benefits here so you can see what Aniracetam is supposed to be all about.

  • Reduces anxiety & depression [R]
  • Increased focus
  • More energy
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved learning ability
  • Improved memory [R]

Hit or miss

Many users claim that it certainly has the promised effects. While many others say that their experience is more like a drug that gets them super energized with not much effect on cognitive ability.

In fact, many users have claimed that it has the opposite effect of cognitive enhancement and that it has caused them anxiety. There have also been studies that deny the positive cognitive effect of Aniracetam in mice [R].

There’s no doubt that Aniracetam has a powerful effect on users, be it positive, cognitive or negative. It seems to vary on the user. Does this mean that this is a useless nootropic that shouldn’t be used?

I don’t think so. I think in cases like this, we have to look over what we can do to bring out the true potential of Aniracetam. The following are my own personal tips that you can try for a better Aniracetam effect.


The average recommended dosage of Aniracetam is 1500 mg per day. I’d personally recommend a dosage of 600 mg per day. Is this too small of a dosage?

For many nootropics users, the high dosage that’s recommended often gives unpleasant side effects such as insomnia and an energy level that’s so high that it can be hard to focus and sleep. Bringing the dosage down is an option that could reduce this effect and is definitely worth trying.

Use on full stomach

Eating is always important and one of the reported user side effects is a loss of apetite. To counteract this, eat before your dosage and make sure you’re full.

Stay hydrated

The same goes for water. Do not forget to stay as hydrated as possible for your brain and body to work well.

When your brain and body are satisfied with water and food, you’ll have a more pleasant experience and better effect of any nootropics you decide to use.

Use with Choline, Vitamin C & Magnesium

Choline is great with any racetam, it reduces the side effect of a headache and is generally great for you. Vitamin C will keep you sharp and I have personally found it be a good mix with Aniracetam.

Magnesium helps regulate the sleep cycle of your brain and will help counteract the effect of insomnia.


I recommend anyone who wants to know what Aniracetam is all about to try it for themselves. Keep in mind that the effects might not be what you want and feel free to try my personal tips to make the effect better and side effects less.

The conflicting information on Aniracetam makes it hard to judge as a top nootropic or a complete dud. This is a nootropic that you should try for yourself, to see if it works for you. More user reviews would certainly be helpful in our knowledge about this nootropic and so would more scientific studies.

I would not recommend Aniracetam as a health supplement because of the lack of information on the effects, but as a cognitive enhancer during certain circumstances, I would recommend you try it with consideration to the side effects. How to definitively bring out the true potential of this nootropic is yet to be proven.

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